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lace wigs

Lace wigs

Lace wigs

Lace wigs

Lace wigs

Lynelle's Lace Wigs

Full Lace Wigs at Reasonable Prices

Our "lace wigs" are In Stock and Ready to Ship! You do not have to wait for us to order your lace wig.

Go to our In Stock Lace Wig Page, and look at our beautiful full "lace wigs" that you can wear tomorrow. Every lace wig you see that does not have "sold out" on it is ready to ship immediately!! We add new full "lace wigs" on our website regularly so check the in stock lace wig page often.

We only sell top quality, human hair, Indian and Chinese Remy, Swiss or French "lace wigs" like the ones you she the celebrities wearing. These "lace wigs" normally sell for over $600.00 at our competitors' websites. At Lynelle's Lace Wigs, some of our in stock (ready to ship today) lace wigs sell for under $300.00. We also provide custom "lace wigs" at discounted prices; much less than our competitors.

Whether you are experiencing hair loss, or just want a fabulous new look, a lace front wig is a great hair option. Once a secret among celebrities, lace wigs are now widely available and affordable at Lynelle's Lace Wigs.

A lace wig is a wig made with human hair tied to a lace base. The two types of lace used in lace wigs are French lace and Swiss lace. A "lace front" wig has lace at the hairline that is secured with liquid adhesive or tape. When the lace is adhered to your own hairline, it gives an invisible hairline, making it look as though the hair is growing out of your scalp.

All of our lace wigs are made with Indian and Chinese Remy hair. Remy (or Remi) hair is the complete hair strand and has not been weakened by stripping. Remy hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle in place. The result is stronger, superior hair. Still, this hair has undergone some processing (such as cleaning, curly perming or dyeing), so it should also be treated gently. Remy hair is often referred to as "cuticle hair" because the cuticle is left intact. Hair that is stripped of the cuticle is often chemically treated to give the hair an artificial softness and shine, which wears down over time, causing tangling and a poor appearance. Remy hair does not have this problem and is the highest quality hair you can purchase.

Each Lace wig is handmade, with experienced wigmakers securing one or more hair strands, at a time, to the lace base. Our knotting technique creates a multi-directional hairstyling with a natural hair flow. Knots are lightened for a realistic looking "scalp". Each Lace wig takes over thirty hours of labor to complete.

All lace wigs we offer are new, never worn and top quality. The additional lace in the front of the lace wig is not meant to be left on for wear. Lace wigs are designed to have the additional material trimmed prior to wear, what is left is a natural hairline which appears to have grown from your scalp.

Get your in stock lace wigs and custom lace wigs today at Lynelle's Lace Wigs.

In Stock lace Wigs

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